Passionate about Paint

As we open this new blog, we thought it appropriate to let you know a few of the lesser know admissions about our paint passion.

  • Once Carl told me (Beth, his wife / business partner / co-pilot in chaos) that he when he dies he should be cremated and mixed into a plaster to be applied to walls.  Really?  Isn't that taking your love of walls a bit far?
  • My favorite story is from when we living in Ambler, PA (a cool town near Philadelphia).  Carl had taken a shower, but then I couldn't find him.  We had a small house, and it is hard to loose a person in there.  I called for him and he replied, "Come check out!" from his small basement studio.  I came down only to find Carl wrapped in a towel, fresh from the shower, troweling some plaster on a large sample board.  "What ARE you doing?" I was slightly horrified.  "I just came up with a new application in my mind while I was taking a shower!" He was very pleased with himself.  So he, of course, had to rush down and get that thought on a board before it was gone.  Passion.  No other word to describe it.

But really, I just wanted to brag up how Carl is so completely passionate about his work.  He truly loves creating beautiful, and technically perfect, walls.  So join us here to follow up on the daily grind of the life of a painter.