Q: Who will be working in my home?

A: Carl Pledger, owner of Luxe Walls is the person you will meet on your estimate as well as the person who will be working in your home.  We NEVER used unskilled labor.  We value our good reputation the same way you value your home and quality finishes. 

Q: Is Luxe Walls insured?

A: Absolutely.  We run a responsible business and are fully insured.  All of our proposals include our policy number and insurance information.  We are very happy to make a certificate available.

Q: How much does decorative painting cost?

A: The cost for our finishes is based off the scope of the project.  Because we use a variety of professional paints and products, prices for faux or other specialty finishes can vary greatly.  There is a finish for most every budget.  We often bid the same space multiple times to reflect several different options that the home owner indicated interest in during the initial estimate.  This provides the homeowner with a custom menu of prices. 


Q: What if I need touch-ups in the future?

A: Life happens.  We understand that!  Luxe Walls will, whenever possible, leave the homeowners with a small portion of left over product, for touch-ups that might be needed in the future.  Please feel free to call upon us should the need arise.